Snare Drum 101

Snare Drum 101

My fifth drum build is a 14″x 7″ nine ply maple shell with a vintage look and a new old stock glitter wrap.

First, I ordered an Keller shell with a western bearing edge (the name for a 45 degree bevel on the edge that meets the drumhead) and a pre-cut snare bed (a shallow area cut into the shell so the snare wires hit the drumhead at the correct angle).

Then I measured and drilled holes for mounting the hardware.

Next, measured and cut the semi-pliable glitter wrap and adheared it to the shell with contact cement.

Finally, I installed the hardware (tube lugs, snare throw-off and butt plate, air vent bezel, heads, hoops and tension rods), tuned it up and took it to band practice.